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1. What is Top Dog Trading?
2. Positive Reviews from InformedTrades Members
3. Negative Reviews from InformedTrades Members
4. Sample Top Dog Trading for Yourself

# Top Dog Trading: What Is It?

Top Dog Trading is a series of courses created by Dr. Barry Burns. Burns is a purely technical trader; his trading decisions are based on technical analysis of charts -- the practice of interpreting the psychology of the market and forecasting direction based on price patterns.

Below is a description of some of the courses offered by Top Dog Trading from their own web site:

Foundations Course I: Cycles and Trends

In this course you will learn:

1. How to look at any chart and instantly "see" the current market situation with crystal-clear understanding.
2. The best, EXACT place to enter (within 1 penny, tick or pip). Objective, clear and simple. No complicated calculations or guessing.
3. The best, EXACT place to exit (within 1 penny, tick or pip).

This course is priced at $297. Click here to go to full product description.

Foundations Course II: Momentum as a Leading Indicator

This course should only be purchased by those who have already purchased our Foundations Course on Cycles and Trends since this course builds on the information in the first course.


Our first trading course focused on trend trading, but markets trend less than 20% of the time.

"The trend is your friend until the end" is a well-known phrase among traders. But what kind of friend is only faithful 20% of the time?

Momentum is a commonly accepted potential "LEADING INDICATOR" that forex trading can help you find a change in energy before it shows up in price action. Though this is commonly known and widely accepted, most people use momentum indicators incorrectly.

By learning to read momentum reliably, you can begin trading 2 new types of markets:

1. Contracting Markets (getting in before huge breakouts).
2. Trend Reversals (getting in before the new trend is obvious to amateurs).

In this course we add to the "energies" you learned about in Course 1 for more confirmation and more opportunities:

1. Trend
2. Cycles
3. Momentum
4. Support/Resistance
5. Fractals

This approach uses extremely tight stops (only 1-2 bars) and looks to lock in small profits fast, and then let the rest of your position ride for huge profits. It can be used for Day Trading, Swing Trading or Investing.

1. How to finally feel CONFIDENT about your entries and exits.
2. The approach is so laser-beam precise that we never risk more than 1-2 bars!

This course is priced at $297. Click here to go to full product description.

#Positive Reviews From InformedTrades Members

From member Tom:
I personally started my trading education with Barry Burn's courses. I've purchased and studied all that he's released, lessons and special reports. My main interest in Barry's courses were bang for the buck. After shopping on line for several months for trading education courses I was always drawn back to his. I would recommend Barry's courses to all aspiring new traders looking to sort out a solid methodology for intra day trading the Russell, NASDAQ, S&P, and Dow futures. This is Barry's bread and butter and from what I've studied he's very successful at it. I felt his courses were reasonably priced and he provided solid rules and a methodology to successfully, intra day trade, the above mentioned futures. Thanks Barry I appreciate it.

From member tradalai:
I feel I can comment given I am a student of Dr Burns. I have taken both his fundamental courses and find them excellent both content wise and value for money.

He passes on his years of trading experience, answers mails himself and in addition to being a very smart man, he is indeed a gentleman. I would have no hesistation in recommending him.

From joetrader:
I too have taken both courses and agree that it was well worth it. Considering the cost of something like Traders International ($6000) just to sign up plus $300/month ongoing I can safetly say that you get more value from Barry's course. (I am a former TI student).

My main issue was that I did try to come up with my own strategies and style but based on what? I had no idea what I was doing since it was all new at the time. I ended up in analysis paralysis and complete overwhelmed by differing sources of information.

I would suggest new traders not attempt to go it alone. Find someone like Barry Burns, give it a try (not that expensive) and then make adjustments as necessary. He teaches very basic concepts that you must master before trying to come up with something you think is even better.

One other thing, Barry does offer 90 day no questions asked money back deal. This was and should be an absolute must. Wish TI did this, but then they'd never make any money if they did. (sorry but I'm pretty bitter over that experience)

From JonBoy:
I've been trading for a year or so (pretty much trial & error based on flat S&R) and am now in the process of putting together a system based on Burns methodology, incorporating trend analysis and momentum oscillators, I am finding the courses to be highly useful.

So yes I would most definitely recommend TopDog, unless you already have a very good system in place that is generating consistent, high probability, green trades.

Hope this helps.

I've also purchased course 3 on the strength of courses 1 & 2, but have yet to go thru' it.

From rparmar80
I purchased Top Dog course 1 & 2 bundle recently and I must say that the courses are pretty decent for a beginner. Barry takes 50-SMA, 15-EMA, and indicators such as Stochastic and MACD with custom settings and puts together a good trading system for entry, exits and money management. If you are relatively new to trading or feel lost or have been losing money in day trading, this could be a very good starting point in your new journey I think. However, to be frank, while I did learn some new stuff, I do not feel that I learned anything that can change my trading significantly.

My basic concern is whether the trading system/strategies he mentioned really work. The reason I say this is that Barry does not provide any empirical evidence behind whatever he recommends. I have a programming background and over the past one year I have extensively back tested some of the indicators he uses but I have not found anything that truly worked. Granted I have not tried the setting he uses but I am very skeptical based on my study/research so far. Similarly my past research has given results that go against some of things Barry has to recommend on trailing stops and scaling out strategies. So I am obviously not convinced.

In conclusion, it may be better to spend $295 on this course 1 & 2 bundle than spending thousands on courses that teach you more or less the same or things that sound appealing but just don't work. Top Dog courses could be a very good starting point for a new or unprofitable trader but to think that based on these courses one would turn into a consistently profitable day trader would be naive. Hope this helps.

From MarcusPlexus:
I got back into day trading in June 2009. A dream of mine. I had done 1.3 years of method-less, going nowhere day trading in 2003-2004. After reading tons of books (from to 2002 to 2009) I was still unable to get a single trading setup that worked consistently. That was last September.

Then, after seeing Barry's videos on YouTube and out of desperation I bought the course 1 & 2 for 300U$. Barry's method made me click on the concept that one tool won't do the job by itself. You need to look at a combination of things to put the odds in your favor. I knew that from books BUT now I saw dynamic, real life examples of the concept. He made the pieces of the puzzle fit in front of my eyes. Ah...

Why I find it's worth the money:

1. I learned very useful stuff I use every day
2. I finally saw dynamic examples (vs static charts books)
3. I saw "hard right edge" examples (vs middle of the charts examples in books)
4. I got to tackle the psychological aspect of trading in a structured manner (finally)
5. I still receive useful, free information from Barry's spamming machine (lol)
6. I like the clear, simple teaching style and materials provided.

Explaining his method here would be 1) inappropriate and 2) downright dumb - you can't teach someone to drive a car on a forum. Anyways, I would say I use 75% of it's tools/methodology every day. I found his method to be too conservative in terms of entry and profit taking; so I tweaked it a bit. I haven't reached consistency yet - and this is my fault - because I don't respect my entry system religiously and because my profit taking, well... sucks. Nothing to do with Barry's method.

Then last week I got an bulk email from Barry which pointed me (once again) in the right direction. This is the stuff I appreciate from dealing with Top Dog Trading Inc (?).

At 300$ you can't go wrong. I would buy these courses without hesitation if I had to do it again. If you can't afford it, you should not be trading.

See the Top Dog Trading Review Thread on InformedTrades for more reviews.

#Negative Reviews From InformedTrades Members

From member HoboTrader:
Yeah the marketing is really really off putting. I've received call but given the marketing on sites, review boards, the e-mail tone, the review tone I don't want to be associated with it beyond just looking at the course content [customer service was responsive to me though]. I'd say Powerbroker was right a few months ago in that you can search most content for free online, at least for the basics. For $300 bucks, it didn't bother me since I've lost several dozen thousands but to someone more discerning or strapped (in which case you'd probably be better off in demo) was it worth it? There are free alternatives, it just may not be condensed into one place. But the just feels slimy...maybe that's what you need to survive in that industry, who knows. There are reviews that pop up on here that sound like infomercials and the e-mails that try to sound personalized and sent on some time delay algorithm just makes it feel shilly.

From member Rob123:
I purchased Barry's course way back the foundation 1 and 2.Started trading forex smaller time frames with quiet a bit of hits and misses and scratches really not consistent at all to be honest.The 4 hr and daily are much better but signals are very few.More than likely Barry isn't consistent with his trading or he would show demo accounts where you can monitor his trading.This is just my opinion and no offense.

# Sample The Top Dog Trading Methodology Yourself

There are several ways for individuals to sample Top Dog Trading to see if these courses are right for them:

1 .Try the Free Top Dog Trading Crash Course on InformedTrades

2. Register for the free course on the rubber band trade setup

3. Review the Top Dog Trading blog